Letter to Santa…

Ecco io l’avrei scritta e addirittura GraziaBlog l’ha pubblicata ma gia’ che ci sono la metto anche qui cosi’ Babbo Natale non potra’ avere scuse!

Dear Aussie Santa,

hope to find you well. This year I can imagine that it’s going to be a bit more difficult to find our house considering that we have moved to Australia. Also the hot weather doesn’t sound so good for your sledge and your reindeer, anyway don’t worry I’m going to leave milk and biscuits close to the swimming pool so you can take a break and relax.

Here is my wish list for this Xmas and as you can see it’s almost totally dedicated to my new country so I hope I would be able to better understand the culture and the people. I’m attaching also pictures and links so you cannot be wrong and elves will have an easier job!

Three books:

Donna Hay – “Fast, Fresh, Simple”

Christos Tsiolkas – “The Slap”

Mcsween, E.C Mcsween and Jayfox – “Things Bogans like”

Three fashion items:

Rusty dress

Top Thongs Havaianas

Ksubi Dress Spring-Summer 2010-2011 Collection

Three iPad applications

Aussie Slang (Australian Slang) Dictionary App – Kolor Design Pty Ltd
Taste.com.au Christmas App
Aussie Rugby Expert – Stimulus

Three songs

Tron Soundtrack – Daft Punk
Barbra Steisand – Duck Sauce
Atoms for Peace – any kind of song or album if it exists

Three good intentions

Update the blog at least once a week
Start playing golf
Travel coast to coast by train