The event is over and I’m very proud that we exceeded the fundraising goal. I know that our goal was low respect to the one of other countries but we organised everything in a bit more than two weeks. Thanks to John Cooke who decided to be on my side in this adventure. I wanted to give back to Perth and to its community for the way they welcomed me when I came in October. I thought that Perth deserved to have its Twestival as any other big city in the world. These are the reasons why I decided to create PerthTwestival, I wanted Perth on the map! Our event was small and with more time and more people could have been better, but at the end we were the first ones in exceeding the fundraising goal and we showed to the world our support for Mission Australia. Thanks to all the people who donated, who came, who spread the voice via Twitter or Facebook, to PTUB. You made it possible.

Last thought is for Japan. From the first sight to this blog it’s clear how close I am to Japan so please if you can join Twestival also in worldwide donations for Save the Children Japan.