On Saturday we are invited to a big Aussie party . The organisers sent us a list of Aussie Words and Sayings to help us feeling more confident. Here they are:

Chin Wag Having a conversation
Ridgy Didge A genuine person
Bob Down Sit down
A bitta Shush thanks Quieten Down
Have a cuppa Have a cup of tea
You’ll be waiting till the cows come home You will be waiting for a long while
She’ll be apples Everything will be alright
Better half Wife or Husband
Back of beyond Way in the outback or a long way off
Put the billy on Make a cup of tea
Blow in A non local person
He bolted Left very quickly
Buckley’s chance No chance at all
You little bottler Every things great or you are great
Beat around the bush Not getting to the point in a conversation
Scarce as hens teeth Hard to find something
Lower than a snakes armpit Not a nice person
It’ll all come out in the wash Things will sort out in the long run
Going twenty to the dozen Going quickly or doing something quickly
Hang on a tick Wait a moment
Stone the crows Shocked or surprised by something
Rainin’ cats and dogs Pouring rain or storm
Pull your head in Told to mind you own business
Pull your socks up Get yourself together
Shake a leg Hurry up or get moving
More of them then you can poke a stick at A real lot of something, a huge amount
Mad as a cut snake A person considered a little crazy
2 cans short of a six pack A person considered a little stupid
As long as a month of Sundays A very long time
Your leading me up the garden path Your not telling me the facts
To help you to get a leg up Help in getting started on something
He kicked the bucket He died
A joe blake A snake
Jack in the box Person jumping around or agitated
To make a crust To earn your living
Call it a day To close up or finish
Haven’t seen you in donkey’s years Not seen for a long while
Getting a good ear bashing A one sided conversation
I could eat a horse and chase the jockey Really hungry
He’s full as a boot Drunk
As nutty as a fruit cake A person who is a little unstable or crazy
Fair crack of the whip Give me a fair go or deal
Flat out like a lizard drinkin’ Doing something fast or very busy
Your a galah Silly person
Gone to the dogs Something or someone now gone strange
Happy as a pig in mud Really happy
Wouldn’t be dead for quids Extremely happy with everything
He had a head on him like a sucked out mango Pretty Ugly
He has a face like a bucket full of smashed crabs Even Uglier
He smells off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun A person with bad body odour
Not enough brains to give himself a headache A dope
He’s got a few roos loose in the top paddock Not very smart
To live on the smell of an oily rag Budget living
Just let me wet me whistle Have a drink
Doesn’t mind a shandy on a warm day Really likes a drink
Smile on your face like a carpet snake in a chook pen Big Grin
As crooked as a dog’s hind leg Not very straight or person a crook
It’s a wigwam for a goose’s bridle It’s none of your business
He’s just a two-bob drongo Silly person
Every man and his dog was there Meeting well attended
It would kill a brown dog It tasted that bad
It’s that windy it would blow a dog off it’s chain Strong windy day
I smell like a gorilla’s arm-pit I really need a bath
Fit as a Mallee Bull Strong and healthy
Silly as a wet hen Person a bit silly
Pass the Cackle-berries Eggs
He put the bite on me Asked for money or a loan
Was your father a glassmaker? Don’t stand in front of me (cause I can’t see)
You bet your boots that’s right! A certainty
Even Blind Freddy could see it Absolutely obvious
Couldn’t drive ducks to water Bad car driver
He’s True Blue Real Australian
Hold on to your horses Wait a moment
Get off your high horse Being arrogant
Between you me and the gatepost Told in confidence
Your bloods worth bottlin’ Your terrific
Don’t come the raw prawn with me Don’t lie to me
This side of the blackstump Loose measure of distance
(ie. He makes the best wine
This side of the Black Stump)